Welcome to The Yellow Couch Collective

A space for Black women to gather to support, encourage, and learn from one another.

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The Yellow Couch Collective

Not Currently Available for Purchase

What Is It?


The Yellow Couch Collective (YCC) is a community designed to help Black women take action in the areas that will help them to truly thrive! Each month we'll be tackling different topics like assertive communication, navigating friendships, and dealing with toxic family members to develop skills that are practical and useful. You know that groupchat you've dreamed of where sisters are rooting for you and challenging you? THIS IS IT!

What's Included?

*Monthly Deep Dives on relevant topics with built in accountability and support

*Monthly Q&A Sessions with Experts from the Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

*Live Spotlight Sessions with Dr. Joy where you'll get a chance to share a situation you're struggling with and get real-time feedback

*Meetups with members in your area

*Priority registration for any Therapy for Black Girls events

*The sense of belonging and support you've grown to know and love from the Therapy for Black Girls community

Why Should I Join?

You should join us if you're a Black woman interested in taking steps to improve your life and develop lasting and healing relationships with other Black women. If you've struggled to find a community that accepts you, supports you, and wants to see you win, look no further, You can sit with us!

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